Subhan Allah Wave

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Allah soebhan wa taäla provides us with all that we need and more. This elegant poster is designed as a reminder to keep Allah soebhan wa taäla always at the top of our tongues.

This poster can also be found in our webshop as part of a combination and is available in two sizes.

Frames are NOT included.

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Artiqes is about bringing beauty to our homes in harmony with our Islamic values. Our modern Islamic posters that enhance the atmosphere of every home. We offer Islamic Architecture posters, Arabic calligraphy posters like our Subhan Allah Poster, and many more. Our belief is that the best kind of beauty is the beauty that inspires. That is why bringing decoration to your home is not our only purpose. We find it far more important that our work inspires and motivates you to do and to be better. And what inspires more than our beautiful Islamic religion? So when you go through our collection, you will see and read all the beauty Islam has to offer. We have various designs and update our collection regularly, so that you can find something that speaks just to you.

When you decide to purchase some of our work, please keep in mind that you are not just buying decoration. You are buying something that reminds you to keep your faith close to your heart, so please allow our prints to do just that for you. Do not just hang them, but look at them regularly and let them remind you to remind Allah by reading and reciting the Quran, by taking good care of your prayers and by doing good for everyone and everything around you.

Because most of the posters and poster combinations in our collection are about Islam, we ask you to treat the prints with care. This goes especially for the posters that contain a quote out of the Quran. When you purchase one or more posters, we advice you to keep them stored in the cardboard tube until you are ready to frame them and give them spot in your home.

This poster is available in two sizes:

  • 30x40cm
  • 50x70cm


Inspiring Subhan Allah Poster Uniquely Designed by Artiqes

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21x30cm, 30x40cm, 50x70cm

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